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Dear Coutinho, never behave like the English boys

Dear Coutinho, Welcome to the club of clubs. The journey to acquire you has been quite a rugged but focused one. We’d wanted you, wanted you some more, lost hope, then wanted you again, then switched desire for others, then back to you again. Yeah, we told ourselves, ‘if we can’t get you, let’s get Mahrez or Dybala’. We needed ...

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Dear Chukwuemeka, Hope you got the Christmas 3

Dear Meka Kema, This is my second letter to you. You don’t seem to like replying my messages. Anyways, I hope you got my Christmas tree, or three. YoursFootbally, Ediale     Here is a letter I sent to you the day Tottenham attempted to be Barcelona:   Dear Meka Kema, Hope you didn’t join Perez, Roberto Carlos and Raul ...

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Dear Mourinho, Slap Somebody

Dear Mourinho, I am writing you from my bed, just after predicting your team won’t score in the Manchester derby (aptly speaking, the MouPep Clasico). It’s not a bad time to be ProPep, and certainly not the best time to be AntiJose. And that’s why I’m sending you a letter. You have to reinvent the mind games and give us ...

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Barcelona Hero Welcomes A Baby Girl

Please permit the world to pause for a moment as we celebrate along with the most decorated Spanish footballer of all time!!! Andrea Iniesta’s baby number three (2nd baby girl) just landed!!! Well it seems like his wife is a better striker. Since they now have 2 girls and 1 boy. Any ways, we know who’s banging in the assists. ...

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Santi Cazorla 97: Current Top 100 Footballers

Santi Curve or ( Santi Clause in the way he dishes the passes and curve shots), is a spanish footie that loves to play. Spain is blessed with a lot of Cazorlas so it’s not a surprise he isn’t as famous as the Iniesta’s of this world. What the experts say about him: When Cazorla plays, Arsenal play. The little ...

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Thiago Alcantara 98: Current Top 100 Footballers

  Today we bring you our 98th player, of the 100 top players. A graduate of Guardiol’s Barcelona Tikitaka. This fine footballer is an amazing ball distributor. In Barcelona, he was that player they counted on to do the work of a joker. He wasn’t a regular regular. Yet we knew he was an asset. So when he had the ...

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