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Dear Pep, take up a dance class

Dear Pep, Take it easy. You and I know you could have ended the game with only 2 goals. Or 3 goals. Your quick meeting with Domènec Torrent at the touch line after the 3rd goal had me guessing. First guess: You were telling the Spaniard how lovely it is to punish Pochettino for ever voicing his preference to coach ...

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Dear Mourinho, Slap Somebody

Dear Mourinho, I am writing you from my bed, just after predicting your team won’t score in the Manchester derby (aptly speaking, the MouPep Clasico). It’s not a bad time to be ProPep, and certainly not the best time to be AntiJose. And that’s why I’m sending you a letter. You have to reinvent the mind games and give us ...

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