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About The Game

The Syllabus Twelve Game http://jerseynumbertwelve.com/syllabus-twelve/  (S12), formally known as SabiStudy Game (from Nigerian English or Pidgin SabiStudy, “I can study “). The S12 Game is a soccer-race board game. With an ‘imaginary ball’ object on a board game for a minimum of two players, the players’ race with their ‘balls’ from start to finish according to dice roll and Soccer Class Rules. Unlike many board or race games, Syllabus Twelve collaboratively adds learning to the fun through its extensive quiz sessions that can be accessed on Jersey Number Twelve website. You practically learn and expand your knowledge in Football, English Language, Foreign Languages and Literature-In-English as you play this game (Questions are updated, repackaged, re-edited, re-published and upgraded periodically). So it’s not just a game that’s why we also call Syllabus Twelve game a Soccer Class. You can follow up with other variants of the S12 Game on our Ediale Footballizes Everything series and social media pages. There’s an officially organized worldwide Syllabus Twelve game event known as the Annual Syllabus Twelve Game Challenge or the Syllabusgympics. Holds every October 22nd. You are invited as a participant by registering online for your Syllabus Twelve I.D. Record breakers, race winners and successful participants of the Syllabusgympics get medals and mouthwatering prices. Your I.D numbers admits you. Register here to participate: http://jerseynumbertwelve.com/product/syllabusgympics/

S12 Game is conceived, created, designed, invented and written by Ediale Kingsley. S12 is free and will always be.


Items needed to play Syllabus Twelve Game:

  1. www.jerseynumbertwelve.com

You can decide to use the electronic version electronic of the board. Just go to the website and click Syllabus Twelve on the site’s menu. Questions and Answers are also subcategories under the Syllabus Twelve category.

  1. Jersey Number Twelve’s Business Card

You can order for Jersey number Twelve Business Cards through our contacts. The Business Card is free, so the Syllabus Twelve game is free.

  1. Dice

Get a dice.

  1. The Ball, Race pins, buttons or small objects you can use as imaginary balls.

Some people use beans seeds, corn seeds, buttons, ludo seeds…e.t.c just be creative. Anything that fits the small Jersey designs on the S12 board.

How To Play

To start, understand it’s a racing game and your route is through the Jerseys 1-12, the race track. Understand that as a ball racer you move your objects (balls) in Jersey-miles per roll of the dice. All racers start from the ’s’ spot (automatic starting number is jersey number 1 for all) and race in jerseymiles to get to the ‘f’ spot (Jersey Number twelve). First to reach the ‘f’ spot is the winner. At every jerseymile, there’s a Jersey with a progressing jersey number. Upon the roll of dices, racers move depending on the outcome of the dice (that is, moving a single jerseymile depends on what you roll).



  • To start players should compete to be the first to start (that is first to roll the dice).

You can do this in two ways:

  1. Toss a coin, head or tail. Whoever wins, should be the first to start (that means the first to roll the dice).
  2. Get a question right. Player A should suggest quiz number for Player B (Vice vasa), whoever gets question right, starts over the one that gets it wrong. If no one gets it right, repeat the process. Or if you both get it wrong, repeat the process (until a player gets it right and the other gets it wrong).


  • So you, the starter, roll the dice, and your opponent picks a number for you. It’s that question number you must get right otherwise you won’t move. And if you are unable to move. Your opponent takes his own turn with the dice roll and is also subjected to answering the question of the number you picked for him. You keep at it until a winner emerges.


  • Along the race track, there are the different spot. We have the upward lift ‘^’ and the downward drop ‘V’ spots. If your dice throw outcome takes you to the ‘^’ spot, it means you have a speed booster to go ahead to the original number. But if your outcome takes you to the ‘V’ spot, no speed booster for you, you go down to the original number. Stay there until further progressive outcomes. So while you race pray to land on the speed booster spot. Jersey Number 9 and 11 are the boosters, while jersey number 2 and 6 are the speed killers.


  • When you roll your dice you can always decide to move by adding the two dice outcome together. Or simply using the number from one of the dice. E.g, you roll a 4-5. That equals 9. You can choose to use 9 to move (go to Jersey Number 9), or choose to use 5 or 5(go to Jersey Number 5). When you roll a 6-6. If you choose to add up both numbers and get to the finishing line (and become the winner of that race), you must answer 6 questions correctly. To move. If you don’t get 6/6, you have lost your turn.


  • When you roll your dice, you can also decide to move by simply adding the outcome to your spots number to determine your next move. E.g, you are in Jersey Number 3. You rolled a dice of 2-6. You can decide to add 2+3 and go to Jersey Number 5. Or decide to add 6+3 to go to Jersey Number 9. Or decide to add 2+6+3 and go to Jersey Number 11. Remember all movement are subject to you correctly answering your opponent’s suggested quiz number. No matter the outcome of your dice rolls. You don’t move until you get the question correctly. When you fail, you lose turn and your opponent takes his turn.


  • Jersey Number One is the starting point. Jersey Number Twelve is the finishing point. You all start from Jersey Number 1.


  • A one player racer is called a dash-racer. This is fun when you use a timer and as such you race to beat your personal records.


  • You may require the help of a Syllabuspire (from the word umpire) who watches the ball-race game closely to enforce the rules and arbitrate on matters arising from the play. You can apply to join the league of Syllabuspires for the annual Syllabusgympics. At domestic levels, you may rely on friends and relatives to act as a Syllabuspire(s). It’s also the job of the Syllabuspire to read the questions from jerseynumberwtelve.com and also to check the answers. So you don’t have a situation of someone using the opportunity to check answers or questions in the process of the Race. If you don’t have a third party for that, no worries, you will still get the maximum effect. Just check the questions and answers together (Simply apply the same rules that guide you in checking the dictionary when playing scrabbles). It is not the Syllabuspire’s job to decide the question numbers for any of the players. Player A should suggest quiz number for Player B (Vice vasa).

          Apply to be a Syllabuspire here: http://jerseynumbertwelve.com/product/syllabuspire/



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