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Chelsea of brimstone and fire!

Chelsea of brimstone and fire! Pep blunder. Conte’s brilliance overshadowed Pep’s tactics. Conte’s preempt of Pep’s tactics was the winning formula. You were waiting for a Moses sub, but Moses was gonna play full match. With Manchester City, playing Midfield was gonna be a tough task. So, Fabregas was gonna come with his long accurate passes. One produced a goal. ...

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Chelsea vs Tottenham

Only Manchester City can win this Chelsea team. Only because they have the answer to the dreaded Conte’s formation. Dele Ali is probably a hype. He’s over rated and that’s my solid opinion. He had an off day. Pochettino is fast losing it. He bought player’s that aren’t quite a match for his style of play at the opening. Now ...

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#KingOfStylishAssists: UCL Day 1 Update

You just have to love Mesut Ozil and his theatrics. In the galaxies of gods, of soccer creatures and selected team of universe, you’ve got to enlist this dude. He may not be consistently stylish but when he dances the heart smiles in french. Iwobe has his first Champion’s league goal, thanks to this dancer in magic. Talking about Nigerians ...

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#ReusOfRush: UCL Day 2 Update

In a night where all they needed was getting a draw to top the group. They started great but Aubameyang took time to boot. So the Real Madrid guys took their chances. When the African’s Best finally got booted, he booted in a cool goal. Then the sensational Reus did his magic to give the guys from Spain a shock. ...

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Games Review: Messi mesmerizes as Ronaldo rises to the occasion

Guardiola’s boys did the needful to ride over the gunners today. Thanks to Sterling’s nailing and De Bruyne’s gracious pass. Why couldn’t Arsene Wenger’s boys build on the Walcott’s early goal? Because the guys at Silicon Valley are yet to finish that technology called Oziliation. The technology would help Arsene Wenger know when Ozil won’t be able to boot. He ...

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Match Analysis: Jurgen Klopp, his gang came to party

The Merseyside derby produced just a goal in the 94th minute. Yes, it was Sadio Mane that made the difference. Thanks to a quality effort from Daniel Sturridge. You’ve got to love him: at just £36m he’s had 16 starts, 8 goals and 4 assists. The buy of the season (closely followed by Chelsea’s Ngolo Kante). Stand up for the ...

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