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Who Is Better: Analysing Marcos Alonso, Alex Sandro

By Ediale Kingsley It became important to do this analytical comparison since some of my Chelsea friends think Marcos shouldn’t be the one to be upgraded. Some believes Marcos doesn’t even need an upgrade. So I will attempt to diagnose the matter. Marcos who was bought from Fiorentina for a £24m played 2,874mins for the EPL last season. While Alex ...

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Analysing That Chelsea Match: Mourinho’s Gum-Body Approach, Manchester United Antidote To The Deadly 3-4-3 Formation

Ediale Kingsley is on this one. He did understood, before the match, that Jose Mourinho wasn’t going to lose or draw this game. On Saturday he tried his best to explain to all Chelsea’ fans why the Red Devils would carry the day. He also helped some punters fix up a bet arrangement that eventually paid off. Now that Mourinho has ...

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My 10 Thoughts On The Anfield Match

By Ediale Kingsley Antonio Conte is the best Manager in the EPL at the moment. He brought in Fabregas and Pedro when the Sadio Mane Sub happened. Knowing it would be short-one and they can then match the pace of the Reds.  All the Reds missed, they still miss: Post Afcon Mane and Post injury Phillipe Countinho.  Hazard these days ...

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Wayne Rooney Reveals The New Challenge He Has Set Himself

  With the Red Devils desperately seeking to avoid a 1-0 defeat at Stoke, courtesy of a Juan Mata own goal, Rooney stepped up to salvage a point in the dying seconds with a brilliant free kick. As most people already know by now, that strike meant Rooney overtook Sir Bobby Charlton as Man United’s leading goalscorer in all competitions.  ...

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Remember Rooney For His ‘Blonde On Blonde’

  One of the great statements about the nature of existence was said by an unlikely philosopher, the singer and front man for Van Halen, Samuel Roy Hagar, on a stage in Fresno in 1992.“Yesterday, sh*t that’s history. And there’s no point of worrying about tomorrow because tomorrow might not ever come. There’s no guarantee about tomorrow, f*ck tomorrow. All ...

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Wenger and his Coq: A commitment to average

Date published: Monday 23rd January 2017 3:19   Send your mails to info@jerseynumbertwelve.com     What a good, old-fashioned game of football Arsenal and Burnley turned out an exciting, nerve wrenching game of football that I don’t think I’ve seen for a long, long time. That was down to the wire stuff from both sides, and having been at the ...

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