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Ediale Footballizes Everything

Is soccer betting a sin?

Ediale Footballizes Soccer betting ( Episode 003). A lot of us assume that sports betting is a sin. Others do not assume, they just conclude based on misinterpreted verses of the bible. Now the question is this, does the bible specifically say a thing against gambling, betting or lottery (casting lots)? The answer is no…nowhere in the bible would you ...

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Ediale Footballizes Beverages || World Cup Marathon

Ediale Footballizes Beverages ||World Cup Marathon Spanning 32 days, between June 14th and 15th of July 2018, this marathon will see ticket holding participants, celebs and soccer analysts engage in football viewing festival. Along the marathon, we shall be introduced to different beverages. So there’ll be a lot to drink and eat, above all we will enjoy the soccer talks, ...

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Ediale Footballizes Davido Vs Wizkid

By Ediale Kingsley It wasn’t hard work or talent that got Davido that early collabo with Neato C. It was N1,000,000! For lack of a duly executed census, we are made to believe that Nigerians are divided primarily along two musical lines: Team Davido and Team Wizkid.   We, at some point, have likened this versusion to that of Messi ...

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Ediale Footballizes Tagbo’s Death

Martin Garratt’s story is darker. His dead body was found at a house in Middlesbrough. A great player with bright future did business for York City, Mansfield Town and Lincoln City.       Talk about balling the hard way. 50 shots of tequila in your head, in one night, for N200k. Things we do for money. Or should I ...

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Ediale Footballizes One-Corner Dance

Ghana couldn’t seal the World Cup 2018 ticket and Nigerians with their ‘bad-mouths’ have the joke on them.         No, I am yet to attempt the dance. Not even our early lodge in Russia ahead of the 2018 World Cup could bring me to dancing it. I do not fancy the kind of moves, yet I know ...

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