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Welcome to Jersey Number Twelve, an Association Football News Website and Yours Footbally Letterzine with several creative contents and platforms designed for the complete satisfaction of followers and lovers of football (or soccer). Often also called JN12Football, it offers the best football analysis, prediction, stories, interviews and many more in articles, visuals, and audios package. 


Wearing The Jersey Number Twelve

As the name suggests, in every football match, tournament, team, league e.t.c Jersey Number Twelve is a stakeholder, as the twelfth person.  Football is a game involving eleven-man teams; we are here to be the twelfth man.





A one-man company


Although a graduate accountant with a filmmaking experience, Ediale Kingsley launched the news website in late 2016. Weary of the too much vanity and scandalous-seeking nature of entertainment reporting, after ten years of covering movies, music, and comedy, Ediale decided to create something valuable. After months of dedication and hard work, Kingsley has built one of the best football companies from scratch to the top of Alexa ranking, not only writing and designing the products but also offering expert consultations and training for clients, stakeholders, and footballers. Jersey Number Twelve largely remains a one-man operation and a proudly independent platform supported by readerspatrons, and sponsors.


Based in the beautiful city of Lagos, Nigeria, Ediale is feeding the passion of millions of football lovers with doses of contents that provides a welcome break from the norm. With Jersey Number Twelve you get to see the creativity, writing skills, filming abilities, acting side, journalistic prowess’s, cartooning brilliance, sense of humor and design capabilities of Ediale Kingsley. He’s the authority and the modern go-to guy for football analysis and related matters (even in match predictions, they call him the oracle).


Transparent, accurate and reliable


JN12Football was created by a head and heart for football. Ediale has been a lover of football from a very young age. He’s spent time and resources feeding this passion for years. He is no scam, doesn’t claim to be 100% correct in his analysis or predictions. He doesn’t believe in match-fixing and will never share predictions based on that. He doesn’t use any middleman to distribute his predicted games or bet codes (so beware of impostors). 


Sponsored articles/special coverage

There is no fee for sponsored article or special coverage. We only expect you to be a subscriber. And in a case Ediale needs to travel we expect you cover travel and accommodation as well. Ediale will come and cover your footballing event, academy, match, soccer outfit launch, press briefings/conferences, media parley and anything whatsoever that has a thing to do with football. No matter how far or close you are. 


Speaking and interviews


Ediale has been consistently footballizing everthing and talking analysis, predictions and topical issues about football and key societal issues. Through his ‘Stop Stopping, Start Starting’ slogan, he motivates and lecture persons on how to create and start something worthwhile. He also offers master classes for writers and creators. If you want Ediale to speak at your event, please get in touch. There is no fee, but we expect you to be a subscriber, cover travel and accommodation.


Our Biggest Supporters/Subscribers (Patrons)

Independent platforms like Jersey Number Twelve rely on support from readers and subscribers to be sustainable. The following Patrons make extra generous contribution monthly to get a copy of Yours Footbally and our Daily Premium Newsletter. By so doing they help us keep the lights on. Thank you!

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Become a Patron

Besides supporting Jersey Number Twelve, as a Patron subscriber you will:


  • get every issue of the Yours Footbally letterzine,
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