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Jersey Number Twelve (or JN12Football) is a soccer/football powered platform. This entertainment, offline/online publishing, and audio/visual productions company is a one-man business that provides the best soccer themed contents to millions of its readers/viewers/listeners.

Our Products:
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The Founding Journalist:
Ediale Kingsley is the Founder of Jersey Number Twelve and Head of the Trends & Sports desk at National Daily Newspaper. He thinks he is polygamous, married to three wives; Football, Laptop, and the Internet. When not writing, he is writing or prepping to write. These days he is everywhere talking, filming and showing-up football and films. This National Daily trained journalist went to school to be a graduate in accounting.

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Official Number: +2348155542756
Property of Ediale Kingsley (Occur World Venture, BN 2088257)
Powered By Football ( or Soccer)

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