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2018/19 Season: How Chelsea, Barca, Madrid And PSG Could Decide The Drama And Excitement

N’Golo Kante,

“Pala Lalala,

“He’s short, he’s nice,

“He stopped Leo Messi,

“But we all know he’s a cheater,

“N’Golo Kante”

That’s what everybody is singing in France. They are praising the Kante of all Defensive demons. The undisputable strongest player in the world. He deserves every line of the song. I, Ediale, love him. Barca wants to buy. Chelsea must be crazy to sell. But I like to test the scenario: How will Messi feel welcoming a player who is praised for stopping him at the World Cup? The Messi I know will love him for being just that good. And whats not to love. There are three persons I know who are awesomely down to earth and amazingly humble:

1. Kante
2. Tuface
3. Old Messi (well he is still humble at times these days shaaaa)

He deserves to play under Mourinho. This is Jose Mourinho’s player any day. I wonder what Pep would do with him, but I know exactly what Jose would do. Coming to Barca is a tall order. Yet if the short best defensive midfielders of this time and generations to come happens to play in Barca then I really would think it’s unfair. Who would be able to beat a Barca with Umtiti at the back, Kante in front of that back, and Messi in front of that front?

But like I said, Chelsea will be insane and cheap to sell him. But he should want to move. He should desire Barca. That’s the only way he can have it all. He’s won the league, the World Cup…a Champion’s League is possible with Barca.

Now Chelsea fans will say they can win the UCL too. But The UCL you didn’t win with Eden Hazard is it now that he is no more that it will be won?

Let’s face it Hazard is Madrid bound. Ronaldo is gone. Neymar and Mbappe will not go to Madrid. They want to but the situation is very tight and impossible. A mission impossible even for Perez. Since PSG turned a no-selling club. In fact pointing a finger to any of their players nowadays could see you losing your best players (ask Barca). So who else in the world will be a perfect replacement for Ronaldo?

Yet I imagine Chelsea not selling…

Then it will be a terrible time for Madrid. Cos really, I don’t see any other player aside the mentioned three suitable for the club. Now you see why Madrid just couldn’t wait to until the World Cup is over to unveil their new coach.

Interesting days ahead…

Madrid is in a dilemma…

Maybe they should have pressed more for Salah. If only Harry Kane wasn’t an English player.

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