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1. Brazil is out, gone, done.
2. Belgium showed character of will, skill and steel.
3. Hazard was good enough. Yet, I didn’t see the version that plays for Chelsea. Now I didn’t say he was a mess.
4. Belgium won. But their managers almost ruin it with a Lukaku sub. Why pull off the plug when the voltage was high.
5. Who knows why Neymar didn’t cry when he needed it most?
6. Now that Brazil is out…who wins the BD 2018?
7. What did team Brazil do wrong? They lost the battle of the midfield. And their reliance on bang bang wing play had an antidote. So when it fails, Belgium bounces progressively.
8. What could they have done differently. Play like England. Assume the Underdog. Provide a solution for KDB and Hazard/Lukaku.
9. At times, big teams need to assume the role of the underdog. There is a way Brazil would have dragged this game to the Penalties. It was this kind of play that won the Europa for Atletico Madrid. They allowed Arsenal and Olympique de Marseille the superiors status and adopted the underdog role to harm them.
10. KDB was the man of the match in a game that had Willian, Coutinho, Marcelo and Neymar. This means something…

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