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10 Half Time Thoughts Of The Brazil, Belgium Game

1. Lukaku has never been this awesome.
2. Lukaku has never been this flexible. Playing deep and moving like a cat irrespective of his elephant size.
3. Brazil can’t survive this o.
4. KDB, Hazard and Lukaku are stationed up front for each counter attacking opportunities. And so far it is working.
5. Neymar should have saved that group stage tears for this game. He will need it. 
6. Was Arsenal wooing Fellaini recently? I think they wont regret having him.
7. KDB is one of the best midfielder this year. Club and Nation, give it to him.
8. Neymar needs this game. This game changes that BD top 3 Best players shortlist we all expect to drop soon.
9. This is me at Half Time.
10. This was me before Half Time, “Brazil looks like the Real Madrid of the World Cup. No fancy dominance, just dependable reliance on the key names dominating the team. A team that has Neymar, Coutinho, Paulinho, Willian e.t.c with a bench good enough to beat Belgium is indeed respected in Russia. But the Belgians are talented group of believers who have fantastic players good enough to make the Brazilian team. A Lukaku would surely make a Gabriel Jesus seat on the Bench in Brazil. Then a Hazard will ensure Willian doesn’t see many minutes in Tite’s side. You may want to look at the Japan-Belgium match from two sides: You could say Belgium got out of jail against Japan. And as such say they are weak, but if you consider the protagonist in the movie Jailbreak you will see Belgium as strong. So anything can happen” read the full Preview here: http://nationaldailyng.com/analyzing-wc-quarter-finals-the…/

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