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Football And Tattoo: What Does The English Man Care?

This story was published about Harry Kane on Daily Mail today Wednesday 20th June 2018.

It reminds us that there are these kind of writers over there too…

Apparently, most of the English citizens think it’s a poor piece clouded with misinformation and misrepresentation. For a starter they don’t think having or not having a tattoo makes you heroic or less a hero. And if you vex these people a little further they will unwrap Super Man to show you an S-tattoo on his upper left butt (some of my readers call it yansh).

And they would domesticate that same illustration with a neighborhood guy that has a tattoo of ‘mum’ on his chest, who last week saved two kids from a burning building.

And also that you are marrying your childhood sweetheart is also a bane debatable.

We do know one or two guys who have married their childhood gal but along the line they managed to diversify into being lover-boy freelancers for other side-chicks.

Anyway Ediale presents to you, a front page to ponder on.

A story by:

David Jones (last published piece: ‘Can the man dubbed too highbrow, polite and middle class for football save us from the usual World Cup humiliation? England manager Gareth Southgate’s father gives the Mail a unique insight’)

and Sarah Rainey (last published piece: ‘How many crocodiles had to die to make Posh’s collection of 100 Hermes bags? We estimate 130. Not to mention the 43 ostriches, 780 lambs and three herds of cows that died for the rest of her wardrobe…’).

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