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The Carrot Ministry: Did Liverpool Players Really SELL UCL Final To Madrid

1. This was a theory I nursed. I repeat, a theory, a phantom I played within my head. That Florentino Perez could win the UCL final by strong politicking.

2. He could dangle a contract, like a carrot before a Rabbit, to Liverpool players. Saying, ‘sell this match and come join us’.

3. That means better pay, better rating, better stakes for any player in Liverpool. You’d be forgiven if you took this carrot. Knowing if you don’t. You may yet fail to win the UCL. If you do. You may win it with Madrid again in the near future. It’s a golden carrot. You’ll agree.

4. OK. You may not agree it’s a quality carrot because you know the head housing these figments of imagination is stained with the paints of Barcelona.

5. Then that also makes you bias. You gat biases to my imaginations. Because you are anti-Barca.

6. You are neutral? What does that mean? That word is a lie we have officially licensed into the books of soccer analysis.

7. E.g, Madrid Vs Liverpool. Who is a neutral here? A Chelsea fan? Man United? Arsenal? Juventus? Barca (obviously not).

8. I hope point 7 is easy to grasp.

9. Anyways, back to my bias theory. So a clever Perez plays a card. Uses Zidane as an intermediary to tame Mane, Karius, (maybe) Salah. And after they obliged, their contact resigns.

10. So the carrot turns bad. No deal again because the point man has been given a super carrot in Qatar. As carrot loving players (those who took the golden carrot) should understand with Zidane upping his own carrot ministry.

11. If you took the golden carrot. What will you do? Cry foul? Will you risk sanctions?

12. Anyways, it’s just a bit nastily funny that Mane had a secret deal with Madrid around these times they played and lost the UCL final to Madrid.

13. Liverpool said it’s a lie. That Madrid has no such agreement. But the Rabbit is quiet. Still thinking how best to handle this Perez’s scam.

14. Can we offer him a working advice? How should he deal with this?

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