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Enemies of Nigerian football (Part 2)


Edafe Eseoghene, a former player for Sharks and Eagles Cement, is using the social media platform to communicate to stakeholders, fans and the global community on the many matters arising within the Nigeria Professional Football League. He seeks to address the issues and in a series of tweets, he is determined to challenge the status quo and expose the factors and principalities suffocating the progress of the league in Nigeria. In a typical revolutionary approach, the Warri-born is calling names and saying things the way they are. Again, Ediale Kingsley compiles this follow up edition.


Edafe Eseoghene is a former Sports Analyst and On-Air Personality for Brila FM and Hi-Media Limited (HiTV).  At some point in his career, he was Babanawa Football Club’s soccer manager.  In his playing days, he handled midfield position for Eagle Cement, Sharks F.C and also had some active time in Europe before his injury. Edafe studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Port Harcourt. Today, the Warri-born is the CEO of Elegbete TV and an independent producer of Winners Golden Bet Sports Show.


As we take the second chapter of the series Enemies Of Nigerian Football, If you haven’t seen the first chapter, use the link here (as published in National Daily Newspaper): https://goo.gl/ENSBao

Edafe a.k.a Elegbete

You may appreciate Chapter 2 by reading from number 1 upwards.


  1. As I sign out for today, I am not doing this to fight anyone, there is absolutely nothing personal in it but you know that the storm can never pass through a forest without pulling down trees. Get it right and I’ll be your cheerleader number one.


  1. No shame in learning, I can accept that a lot of club administrators don’t understand how to make money in this era. That is why u need proven brands like @akinalabi, @ALIBABAGCFR, @lindaikeji and her sister Laura not forgetting @AYCOMEDIAN


  1. If the average Joe out there can earn life-saving millions from owning a twitter/Instagram account plus a YouTube channel, tell me why the club administrator cannot milk that resource available to them. Get creative and make a legacy for history.


  1. You want the #NPFL to grow but club administrators run it like a secret love affair. We don’t know how transfers are done locally, we don’t get to see or hear about the daily workings of the clubs. Even interviews are done for friends only. Really.


  1. There is nothing wrong if you declare a loss at the end of the season, under Roman Abrahamovic, Chelsea ran at loss for 11 years. Stop running our clubs like the secret sex affair between you and your side chic. The club is a public trust.


  1. The Stephen Odey example is one of many evil contracts that puts the clubs at a loss, have we forgotten the transfer of Sunday Mba? We have thought Gbolahun Fuad Salami was ugly until he escaped the dungeon of #NPFL to Europe, see how cute he is now.


  1. There is not one club administrator in the #NPFL who have come out with a blueprint, a paper or something to take the club from it’s present state to the promise land. Can you see how Daniel Levy has taken Spurs from pretenders to the contender?


  1. People find it easy to question everything Buhari does but not think it fit to question those who help to make it impossible for the country to earn the right foreign exchange. A few days ago a Zambian club asked to buy an #NPFL player for $100k hmm.


  1. When an industry that is supposed to be spewing and gushing out billions and running into trillions is now starving to death from hemorrhage as a result of greedy and wicked club administrators, I can’t keep quiet. Fans demand answers from them.


  1. If you are a fan MFMFC, ask yourself how your player Stephen Odey was sold for $350k but the club got only 30% of that money? $350k is equal to 126 million naira but 30% is just 37.8 million naira. Please explain that business logic if not the crime.


  1. I know a lot of young digitally sound young boys and girls who want to create the 3D animation of players in the #NPFL, but how do you create without resources. Even when God was creating, He did not create in isolation. He created humans from clay.


  1. You need to see the amount of research we put into the various derbies in Europe, the NBA, Boxing fights and the Superbowl. When it comes to the #NPFL, you just say the regular “home team must win unless God touches the heart of the ref” really?


  1. The #NPFL chairmen would tell you that their plans are not coming to reality because a government is not funding it, so I ask, what have you done with the monies given to you, why are you capitalizing on govt football ignorance to rob the clubs dry?


  1. I know that the LMC produces weekly #NPFL highlights of matches with the limited resources available to them and distribute to the clubs, ask yourself why these clubs are not using it as content for their YouTube channels? Only God knows the answer.


  1. In this age of the internet where Jack Ma is making more from the internet than Innoson is making from selling Nigerian, made cars, a club chairman in Nigeria said on a radio program that “what do we need a website to run a club for?” shame.


  1. I am not sure if @EnyimbaFC or @pillarsfc have a monetized YouTube channel before you say Nigerians don’t use the internet well Yemi Alade’s Johnny have over 87 million views, do the math before you go to that WhatsApp group to gossip about me.


  1. Almost all the #NPFL clubs but a few have been around before the wealth power moved from oil blocks to the digital space, @lindaikeji have become a billionaire from the internet, gangnam style has almost 73 million views on YouTube alone.


  1. Last year during the #NeymarJrsFive my friend @NGfootyactivist wanted the jersey of RB Leipzig and just like that 110 euro and he got the jersey here in Nigeria. 6 years ago Ogechukwukama Ogwo asked me for a @RangersIntFC jersey, I’m still looking.


  1. I can bet my life that 16 years ago when Felix Anyansi became the chairman of @EnyimbaFC, someone like @akinalabi have not thought of starting @NairaBET but today NairaBET is a bigger and more powerful brand to Enyimba FC, an ant-like elephant.


  1. @EnyimbaFC currently the biggest club in Nigeria, do you know that Felix Anyansi Agu has been at the helm of Enyimba as chairman for 16 years, they don’t have a single club store. Ask @akinalabi how many @NairaBET shops he’s got nationwide.


  1. When I was a player in this league, it was said that journalist love to beg footballers money, well today it is the players of the league that are begging journalist now. See how bad things have become?


  1. When players can carry themselves with confidence, class, and style when they walk into an airport on their way to a game instead of the refugee-like have pity on me we see with the various players of the #NPFL, that is when the money would come.


  1. When journalist no longer feels the need to interview an administrator instead of the players. When the business of football is more important than the politics of football. When chairmen pay bonuses to players instead of giving it to refs for points.


  1. When the club administrators are not so focused on themselves and the girls of easy virtues that they travel to away matches with when coaches are players are more popular than club chairmen, secretary and media officers.


  1. So let’s look at what makes a club ready. A club is ready when the little boys in their immediate environment where they train or play matches begin to idolize their players when you can identify the players in public when the clubs make an impact.


  1. If you follow me during my time on #Hardtackle you’ll know I don’t like to lose easily. So I push the envelop a bit further by asking what can be done to put your inks on the cheques for this clubs. They said when they are ready, we are here.


  1. So after the 2 days social experiment, I saw reasons why it would be hard to get any brand to sponsor any 15 minutes show on radio or tv that is focused on the #NPFL alone unless the brand wants to just throw away money.


  1. None of the 4 focus groups that we met with was able to name 3 players from any single #NPFL club when the team list of the CHAN Eagles was put on the screen, they couldn’t even match players with name or players with clubs. Very very sad.


  1. Then I was introduced to the focused group experience, I was asked to attend meetings without opening my mouth but to just take notes. So we sat to talk to 4 different focus group in 3 days and the rating for the #NPFL clubs and players was sub-zero.


  1. What I learnt immediately is that these guys actually follow happenings on the domestic scene but the packaging is not near attractive enough for them to come put their money on the #NPFL clubs and the also acknowledge what effort the LMC is putting in.


  1. One of them asked me, Edafe, how many people discuss the #NPFL in positive quotes 2 or 3 days after any #NPFL game? I was mute. Another fired, apart from what the LMC does on match days, what other activities are the clubs engaged in? Again mute.


  1. They said our club administrators are very ignorant but they go about acting like they are doing people favors when in reality they are nobodies without these clubs. With a shoulder above ur head attitude, you can never earn a kobo.


  1. So I asked, what is this Dangote or American model you guys are talking about? They say a football club should consider its business as a commodity seller, identify the target audience and package the product to an irresistible standard(packaging).


  1. I was told that Nigerian football does not need to model itself after Europe, the easiest model is the American model bearing in mind that we have a similar population like them and that population is your primary market. The numbers that made a Dangote.


  1. So I went to a few multinational to find out why they operate their businesses in Nigeria but they struggle to associate with clubs in the #NPFL and the uniform response is, “nobody invests out of sentiments, blackmail or entitlements”.


  1. After the publication of the #41tweets, I got calls from club administrators who were bold enough, some to scold me or remind me of their worthless age. Others tried to deceive themselves thinking I’m being fooled but I’m not.


  1. There are 3 clear avenues an #NPFL club can make money from. 1. is unaccounted for monies from the state governors or donors like @FCIfeanyiUbah, @bukolasaraki and Dr. Olukoya. 2. Transfers and 3. Endorsement(if they’re smart enough to pitch for)


  1. If only 3% of players in the league have made it to Europe(hypothetically) how well have the other 97% fared based on the minimum industry standard.

How much have the various clubs that have competed in the league generated in 10 years?


  1. So with that out of the way let’s just generate random numbers for the conversation sake. Let’s say in the last 10 years we have had 7000 players registered cumulatively in the #NPFL and only 3% of that number have made it to Europe.


  1. Let’s start with the rule of success, I was told in MBA class that exception is not the rule to business success, so my statistics lecturer while explaining the principle of substitution by elimination, he says eliminate all exceptional option.

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