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Manchester United Transfer

Still firmly holding onto the 2nd position at the league’s table, Manchester United are rampaging towards anything that can give them an edge over their Manchester City neighbors.

While they are at it, they also have to deal with internal dissatisfactions. How is Jose Mourinho going to strategize his way out of these internal squabbles? Same way he dealt with the Henrikh Mkhitaryan trouble – Swap!

The first deal Jose hopes to quickly settle is the major bone in the neck. Upon the arrival of the Manchester United current jersey number 7 honorable, Alexis Sanchez, Paul Pogba has since grown cold feet. Apparently, all rumors, the French player wants to be the special one in the team. Long story cut short, Jose Mourinho isn’t happy with the new development and has a plan of stretching his fetching-fingers across the league.

The Portuguese reportedly wants a swap deal that will see his most wanted Raphael Varene swapped for Paul Pogba. This isn’t a like for like exchange deal but it’s the usual Mourinho’s puzzle fixing style.

The success of that move will see Sanchez totally fill up the Paul Pogba space. And let’s face it; the defense is Jose’s first place of interest. If given the free hand to change things, the bus-parking expert won’t mind having his chief defender wear the special jersey number 7.

And he has since coveted Varene all along. He’s the sole reason Real Madrid coughed out a 5-year deal with a buoyant release clause to ensure the wanting eyes of Mourinho stops batting. But Madrid has a couple of players they feel have their DNA in Manchester United and so they will always keep a side eye open to the Red Devil’s wave.

Madrid want’s De Gea, he’s the Goalie of their dreams. Yet who won’t be thrilled with the prospects of having Pogba? Madrid is not exactly in a place they want to be. 3 spot on the table away from Barcelona with a 14 points bridge. Zidane, Perez and even Ronaldo are surely thinking towards reinforcements. A Pogba isn’t bad. However, it will come with a new problem. Who will be benched?

And that’s why they’d wish United’s prayer was a like for like swap. The initial rumor of a Kroos-Pogba swap deal would have been the better choice for them. But that’s not what Jose wants, so the oscillation of wants, desire, and coveting between Manchester United and Real Madrid may just last another season. Unless the giant wonder working agents hovering in their mist pulls up a good stunt.

Then, there’s the desire to have Mauro Icardi. Almost every other team wants Icardi these days too since he became the highest goal scorer in the Serie A. His 2014–15 seasons’ 22 goals didn’t go unnoticed. We hear Manchester United wants to trigger the £97m release clause. Inter Milan do not wish to sell, they are still enjoying the services of the ex Barca Youth player who already has 18 goals this season.

But Icardi’s agent and wife, Wanda Nara, says a lot of clubs are interested in her husband. And with her recent media interactions, it’s almost certain that they will entertain the best deal from big clubs. Madrid and PSG are the other clubs Jose needs to beat for the Argentine’s ink. Inter Milan’s inability to clinch the UCL’s ticket will further put them in a more vulnerable position.

Another player on the radar for Manchester United is Franck Kessie. The central midfielder is a property of Atalanta on loan with Milan. Jose isn’t the first big club manager to have noticed Kessie. The Ivorian was one of the earliest wishes of Valverde just around the time PSG were about snatching Neymar. It was thought that €40 million would be enough to land the Ivorian as he had a release clause in his contract, but the chase was cut short for Barca as the club quickly claimed that the release clause no longer exists.

Jose Mourinho has identified the Ivory Coast international as his main midfield target with Michael Carrick set to retire and Marouane Fellaini heading for the exit.
The last name on the lips of Jose is also an Ivorian soccer star, Jean Seri. A central midfielder for OGC Nice in Ligue 1, is a Jose kind of player.

With Jose claiming the £300m budget he got for the 2016-17 season wasn’t enough, it is expected that he gets higher in the next season. For now, they are second to Manchester City who appears to have the league in the bags. They are also in the UCL and may not win the trophy but definitely make it to the Champion’s League again next season.

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