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Ediale Footballizes Beverages || World Cup Marathon

Ediale Kingsley will introduce you to the best beverages in the world

Ediale Footballizes Beverages ||World Cup Marathon

Spanning 32 days, between June 14th and 15th of July 2018, this marathon will see ticket holding participants, celebs and soccer analysts engage in football viewing festival. Along the marathon, we shall be introduced to different beverages. So there’ll be a lot to drink and eat, above all we will enjoy the soccer talks, analysis, and in-house games. It’s basically about the World Cup games, so we shall enjoy the show and magic that comes with it.

What time should I arrive?

Everyone needs to be at venue on 14th of June, by 7.30am LATEST for registration before an 8am activity. All participants must register at the start of the day and no unregistered participants are allowed in to the World Cup Marathon House.

When will it finish?

The house will close 11:59pm on the 15th of July. All participants will finish at the same time – you can’t get knocked out of the in-house competitions (or activities) and go home early! But you can quit and demand to be evicted from the house.

How do I get involved?

Pay N25, 000 to any of the following bank accounts: Ediale Kingsley, Diamond (0057619104), Stanbic IBTC (0014873659). Then follow up with a confirmation of payment sms or call to 08155542756 or mail edialewrites@yahoo.com .

Note that the deadline for payment is 5 weeks before the event.

What if someone drops out?

No problem – but once you leave the World Cup Marathon House, you can’t get in again.

Do I have to love football?

No – although, naturally, we should think only people interested in soccer would want to be involved. Yet the standard is extremely mixed and men and women of all abilities are welcome. You just have to be over 18, in reasonable physical health and have a positive attitude. While we will be all about the world cup matches, we will also have dozens of fun from many other activities like consumption of beverages, in-house tournament e.t.c .


All the fun ahead starts by you making that deposite of N25,000

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