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Dear Man United fans, Don’t Be Bad Losers

Dear Man United Fans,

Pep is not your coach’s mate. It’s just another win for him.

He said it before the match that winning Mourinho won’t be any special.

The boss won tonight. He’s having a ball and being unstoppable. Don’t tell me he is winning because he spent more in the transfer window. That’s how some people  under the Frenchman’s juju will tell me they are gunners, they are making money and profits, even though they aren’t winning.

You went for the players you needed. After all, the KDB in Man City today is a Mourinho reject. It’s one thing to whine like a cry baby that Pep spent more money on players and forget most of all the trophies Man United won in the days of Sir Alex were done by ‘attracting top players to the squad’…

You guys bought Ronaldo, Tevez…e.t.c they brought trophies to your club. So can we stop pretending that attracting players, by financial play, isn’t part of the game?

Did Pep spend more than the FFP limitations? Did Man United spend lesser than Everton, Tottenham or Liverpool? Will Jose go for the kind of players Pep went for (aside Stones)?

Make we leave all these babyish talks jare…I know I expected y’all to be bad losers. But this one no join.

After all Na only two matches una get to play Man City.

Meanwhile, I am in a special WhatsApp group with Pep and we are drawing a plan that will bring Neymar to Man City next year (after the Brazilian realizes that winning the UCL is an unbreakable curse in PSG). So make una prepare to cry blood.

Thought you guys were dancers. Was expecting a one corner dance from Lukaku


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