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Dear Chukwuemeka, Hope you got the Christmas 3

Dear Meka Kema,

This is my second letter to you. You don’t seem to like replying my messages. Anyways, I hope you got my Christmas tree, or three.





Here is a letter I sent to you the day Tottenham attempted to be Barcelona:


Dear Meka Kema,
Hope you didn’t join Perez, Roberto Carlos and Raul to go see Real Madrid beaten 3-1?
Take heart. Or take handkerchief for the tears. Tell Zidane to watch his back. And for Ronaldo he needs to watch his front more often. Perhaps he needs to rest some more.
Anyways, I believe the so called depth seen in Madrid last season wasn’t built to last. The crappie depth isn’t sustainable!!!
Well…tonight, I had mad fun seeing Dembele terrorizing Ramos. Dembele for President. If I’m Barca Presido you will wake up to the news: Dembele Bought By Barca.
Ahhh! Time to go dance to the sound of my gen. I hear that’s what people high on drugs do. I’m high on this match.

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