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Dear Son, I’m also leaving your father for drunk driving

Dear Son,
I’m also leaving your father for drunk driving. If he didn’t learn in his youth, he will never learn.
I guess you have this one in your genes. Deal with it. I wish I can send you a pic of me with a large smile. I can’t.
Don’t ask why?
OK, this is why; I am grinning and grinding in another man’s arms. Your new step dad.
You know what? He’s a fan of yours. He keeps comparing you to Messi. He says you are the English Messi.
I am not really taking him seriously though. Since he is always making such declarations after ‘bed duties’.
Nothing they won’t say after ‘bed duties’.
Your father once called you the greatest English player of all time. Yes, it was also after ‘bed duties’.
Well, cheer up.
If your wife leaves you now, it is better than when she does in your old age. Visit your dad to see what I mean.
Love you.
Your Mum,
Mama Rooney.
#YoursFootbally is another soccer content production/publications from #JN12football.
All letters are crafted by #EdialeFootballizesEverything.

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