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Ediale Footballizes One-Corner Dance

Ghana couldn’t seal the
World Cup 2018 ticket and Nigerians with their ‘bad-mouths’ have the joke on them.





No, I am yet to attempt the dance. Not even our early lodge in Russia ahead of the 2018 World Cup could bring me to dancing it. I do not fancy the kind of moves, yet I know it’s something I may pull when I am really tipsy.

I could dance it in my private room for my eyes only. I could dance it to win a bet. It looks like a dance of shame. Aren’t all dances, aside the old church’s left to right sway, of some awkward shades.

So on this stand point, one-corner dance is like any other dance. Only that this one belongs to the group of dances young people would get away with easily these days. Since, guys rocking ladies behind went cultural.

If you know how to move during sex. You’d definitely know how to pull the one corner stunt. That’s what you do 98 per cent of the dance. The remaining two per cent, each goes for; creatively looking for a spot to colonize and make the timely movement upon the verses that prompts you to one-cornerize.

Ghana couldn’t seal the
World Cup 2018 ticket and Nigerians with their ‘bad-mouths’ have the joke on them.

It’s said that while Nigerians were busy training to beat Cameroon and others in its group, team Black Stars were busy bursting the one-corner moves.

All for the laughs by the way. Even though Amisty Papataa, one-corner singer, isn’t laughing just yet. He’s not the only one frowning. Ghana F.A believes the Referees robbed them in their game against Uganda. A protest letter is filed.

Why is Amisty not happy? He’s yet to be financially blessed by his hit song. And that’s another way Nigeria differs from Ghana. All the guys whose dance songs were hits over here got rich for it. Even the people that rode on the hits either by remix or collaborations got heavily paperly rewarded.

Talk about Skelewu by Davido and how Orezi was also a beneficiary. Same goes for Shokey dance. We can’t even count the beneficiaries of that one.

Why is this so?

Truth is despite the whole noise about Ghana’s economy against Nigeria’s. One country is still bigger and better.

Ghana with a population of over 28million should only be compared to Lagos who is only around 7million lesser.

I hear the one-corner crooner is on his way to Nigeria. Just wait and see what success he’d become after landing on this green and white soil.

You haven’t heard the last of that one-corner song. The craze just made it across the boarder and Mavin singer Reekado Banks has recently gotten the bite. He’s tried to benefit from the rave too as he posted a video of himself vibing to “One Corner” in the studio and partaking in the challenge.

Soon, very soon, a pop Naija artiste will make his version. I also see a collabo and remix of the joint. And depending on how smart the Ghanaian’s manager is in no time he would be having to take financial deworming drugs.

Cos Naija go bless am wella.

I can only wish him well. While he is here he may as well taste to maximum enjoyment that winning Nigerian jollof rice. And if he stays long enough, he could watch Mikel Obi and his boys doing the continent proud in Russia 2018.

Don’t mind me. Times like these, we’ve got to show off. Not very long ago you all were shocked to listen to song bursting the airwaves, it was titled , Thank God I’m not a Nigerian. Guess where the musicians were from?

Yes, Ghana.

That diss by the Ghanian band group, FOKN Bois, could only earn the 88,000 views on YouTube. They are probably only as rich as Naija’s Prince Wadada.

Yes pun intended, King Wadada may be far from the wealthy status of the Wizkids of this side of the world. But Prince Wadada isn’t even in the equation.

So while we are having our 6th appearance, it is allowed to shame the Ghanaian’s loosely three appearances.

Thank God, I’m a Nigerian.


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