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Dear Son: Please die super rich

Dear Son,
You have always loved fighting. I was surprised when you initially took to soccer.
You must have started smoking weed quite earlier than we noticed.
I guess you have already made up your mind on this one. But you are already 38 years old. Mayweather retired at 41. You wanna get killed?
Cruiserweight at 38…when do you hope to start doing heavyweights?
If you ask me, I’d tell you straight…
Go and fight one of these names you are mentioning, what the heck is Joshua mentoring you for. Fight Joshua or Mayweather! That’s where the real bucks are.
I have a Nigeria friend whose parables I love, ‘all die na die’.
If you wanna die, pls die super rich. Do your will and fight the big boys.
Your dad is yelling.
See you in heaven.
Your Mom,
Mama Rio Ferdinand.
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