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Dear Ronaldo: Good Guy Messi Was There To Bid You Farewell

Dear Ronaldo,
…Can’t get to start informal with you. This may not be an informal letter after all. You won a thing yesterday? Yeah, you made FIFA team 11 too. Good luck on that.
You Portuguese have some things in common. I heard a Mourinho in your speech yesterday. Suddenly, after finally catching up, you’d technically give that Messi vs CR7 thing an endorsement. Clever, a thing José would do (how that Europa became a valuable trophy, only after he lifted it).
All the while, you’d act like it wasn’t there. And then you’d even go the length to attempt convincing us of further episodes of the rivalry. When we know it’s already over. It’s Leo Messi Era. Our soccer time is LME. 2017+/-LME.
So enjoy thy send off party. Good guy Messi was there to bid you farewell. What a good lad he is. You would have boycotted the event, if it was a Messi sent forth gig.
Now you may oblige to become a fan. What else is there to play. Relax and enjoy Lapuga’s magic.
Saw your last game. I wasn’t really impressed. You seemed to prefer hitting the air than the ball these days.
Anyways, there’s a World Cup around the corner. UCL competitive stages, also, around the corner. And there’s One Corner Dance Challenge as well. Are you sure, you won’t rather go participate in that? You may just end up winning that trophy. Who knows?

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