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Dear Pro Ronaldo Peeps


Dear Pro Ronaldo peeps,
Hope you guys are good? I’d like to explain that I kinda respect y’all positions to be fans of the rude Portuguese boy.
What I don’t get is you think I must also show him love. Especially when I don’t have the love for him. What I have is what I have learnt to give well.
You think is easy to serve ‘hate’ on a consistent level? Common, give me some praise for that. Or better still use the hate button.
Don’t give me that ‘are you sure, you are real journalist’ crap. My Facebook wall is not a newspaper. If it functions as such once in a while, fine.
JN12Football is a blend of a blog and news server. So when you see my biases, know I am blogging. In blogging 101, bias is the business.
Instead of frowning and ‘stronging’ ya asses at me and biases. Y’all should raise a Pro Ronaldo blogger. A Real Madrid butt licker that can lick so good.
Yeah, I wouldn’t mind a competition. I’d welcome the contest.
Until then, it’s a fist in the air and a shout of ‘hail king Messi’.

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