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Dear Luiz: Can you beat up Antonio Conte for us?

Dear Luiz,
How are you?
Still always wonder why you are not playing for Barcelona. You look like Puyol, play like Pique. Yeah, I think you are the aggressive version of Pique.
Now, a quick one. Can you beat up Antonio Conte for us? Yes, you are the only one with enough guts to beat the Italian. Do it for me, William, Emenalo and Diego Costa.
William is a Chelsea fan who is unhappy about Costa’s exit. Emenalo did all he could to bring you back from PSG and Diego Costa is your friend humiliated by Conte.
If you beat him up, they will sack you and that will make me happy. Knowing that by January, you will be available for Barca.
Do it. You won’t regret it. Imagine playing with Messi, Coutinho and the rest of the team.
Don’t throw a bib at him like Costa did with Mourinho. Beat him up, give him a black eye and a broken leg. His gragra don too much (use google translation here).
With love and respect from a Nigerian.

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