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Dear Conte: What is scarce is the Champions League Cup


Dear Conte,
Your brother, Carlo Ancelotti, isn’t in town for nothing.
You are loosing it. The EPL doesn’t excites ‘baba olowo’ that much. He’s got a couple of those already in his trophy room. What is scarce is the Champions League Cup.
The thing is, the Russian Billionaire doesn’t think like the average EPL Club owners. He thinks he should have the UCL. He will sack you if you make him look like owners of Arsenal FC.
3-0 in Italy, in a night your boys couldn’t trap the balls. Won’t make your boss happy.
It’s been long, I saw your Michael Jackson moves. If you want to dance this weekend. Drop Fabregas and trust Danny Drinkwater. We will talk about this elaborately soon.


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