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Barcelona Laments: Andre Gomez squad inclusion makes Valverde a terrible coach

By Ediale Kingsley

Sadly Barca hasn’t found a good coach yet. This one, Valverde, doesn’t look like a success story to me. The last one, Enrique, wasn’t that clinical. But he won trophies along the line, he also made recurring errors.

Unfortunately, he’s exited Barca but one of his landmark goofs still stares at the Blaugrana fans. I am talking about the purchase of Andre Gomez.
And the fact that Valverde hasn’t figured out how to ship him out of the squad makes me rethink the manager’s worth.
How Valverde organised his team during the Super Cup finals just at the beginning of the season gave some threatening signals.
Today’s match against Atletico Madrid just as confirms the initial thoughts about the Coach. And why some may argue, that it’s a fair result considering the strengths of Athletico Madrid and the fact the boys are coming from international duties.
I’d disagree with them. This is Barca, a team that shouldn’t have any level of tolerance for failure. The standard here is tough. And that’s why a coach can win 2 UCL and countless trophies in a short term and still be pressured out if he starts to show signs of depreciation.
Let’s talk technicalities here, you have a team like Barcelona facing A. Madrid in their home with a UCL around the corner. You want to rotate the players and keep some key legs fresh. What’s the sensible thing to do?
First, every Barca fan knows this is a key match. You want to win this match as much as you want to win the UCL match.
Starting Andre Gomez is a failed strategy. Playing him for 90 mins is an unforgivable sin. The only thing you are permitted to do is playing him for last 10 mins after you have secured a win. Any other thing is pure garbage. That’s why E. Valverde just made my list of trashy soccer manager.
How do you explain that Iniesta, Semedo and Rakitic left the pitch at different intervals for Roberto, Deulofeu and Paulinho. While the weakest player still manages to remain in the pitch. This is a bad omen. It may be too early but I just lost my expectations. I do quickly like to state here, that I pass a vote of no confidence in Valverde and if he keeps making these errors, Barca would find it difficult to win anything.
If I was Barca coach today I would have played Digne instead of Jordi Alba. If I wanted to make the mistake of starting Gomez, I’d correct the mistake by preventing him from seeing a minute in the second 45mins. I’d play Dennis Suarez who had no busy weekend before considering the ill-luck Gomez.
Why would I really want to rest a Semedo? Roberto must start playing all the minutes of our games. I have said this a long time ago. He’s young and future of the team. If Messi can play all the games, Roberto can. We saw the life he brought to that midfield, when he came in.
Andre Gomez isn’t a Barca standard. He doesn’t know how to play soccer. He’s just the luckiest man on earth to be wearing that number 21 shirt with a Barca FC badge.
Whenever he plays, Barca fans suffer. And it should be the other way round. Strange that millions of twitter handles knows this fact and the bench or board handling FC Barca are clueless.
All you need do to test this is go to your twitter, whenever Andre Gomez is playing. To see how the disgust for the Portugal lad is constantly outpouring in bitter expressions.
In the match against A. Madrid, Barca had to come from behind to steal a 1-1 draw. Luiz Suarez who isn’t really in his superb form managed to head in the equalizer.

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