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Manchester City Turns Chelsea’s Blues To Reggae


You’d think this was a match. It wasn’t. Says Ediale Kingsley in his usual apt analysis.

The dominance over the blues lasted for 93mins. Chelsea used their first 45mins to respect Manchester City. The second half had few seconds of attacking rush from Conte’s men. In total, maybe, 6 attacks.

Fans of Chelsea, on seeing the formation lined up by Antonio Conte knew they were in for some boring game. They were disappointed. Conte wouldn’t trust Victor Moses to contend against Sane. He also preferred starting Bakayoko over Pedro.

You may disapprove his preferences. And falter his strategy to use players he could trust to choose positional discipline over attacking play. Moses would naturally eagerly wing away. You all know Sane is insanely hot this period. More of their goals this season came from that wing.

Conte’s strategy ensured no goal came from that wing. His decision to choose positional discipline in first half produced a goalless draw. The idea to adulterate that strategy with attacking ambition in second half earned him a goal deficit.

“Conte’s a fool, a fried fish brainy idiot, he killed the game by not going all out to play” this Chelsea fan seeing the game with me coughs. He speaks without understanding that a 1-0 lose to Pep is far better than Man City’s current trade mark goal margins of 4-0s, 5-0s…

If Conte went all out and got 3-0, my guy would call him a cooked duck brainy idiot.

Agreed, all idiots na the same. But Conte has made his own choice. Not bad.
I only fault the adulteration.

ManCity are playing better, thinking better and winning better so far. This is a team that didn’t even use Aguero and Mendy today.

I think Otamendi is doing great leading that defense. Fabian Delph was a defender today, part of the brilliant defenders that ensured Chelsea register 8 offsides.

The technical play from ManCity brings science and art into the structure as it made Ngolo Kante, for the first time in two season look like Shadow Kante. If you still think Pep is a fraud you may need a medical check up fast.

KDB was spectacular as usual. That forward of Jesus, Sane and Sterling meant there wasn’t going to be holiday in the pitch for Chelsea defence. That takes me back to my review of the current Chelsea squad. I did said that any one that will beat Chelsea must have super wingers and assassins for a striker.


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