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Manchester City Paints Liverpool Bloody Red

By Ediale Kingsley
Liverpool have suffered a 5 – 0 beaten from Manchester City. The joke is now on the Red’s newly acquired midfielder, Ox Chamberlain, who was at the receiving end of a 4 – 0 Arsenal bashings from Liverpool last match.
Chamberlain isn’t the problem or excuse though. If he was any better they won’t buy him that cheap.
Today, I blame the Liverpool heroes.
1. Klopp had no proper excuse to leave a player worth £160m out of the squad. If Coutinho doesn’t play Man City who will he play? West Ham?
2. Salah scored 3 goals before he was subbed. Oh, sorry he didn’t score. But that’s my point exactly. He had three chances, 2 unforgivable chances.
3. Mane is the most valuable member of that team. When he doesn’t play, Liverpool suffer. Today he was already conceding a goal before his forced exit. Yet, it was his foolishness that caused him the red card.
4. If FSG, owners of Liverpool, doesn’t know they need a defender, then what do they know? Collect £160m from Barca give VVD £75-85m save the change. But no, they rather chase Thomas Lamar and buy Ox.
Man City were just a more balanced team today, they were not that tactically excellent. Yet we must give it to Mendy. His crossings and side plays were a key factor.

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