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Super Cup: Madrid Has First Laugh Over Barcelona




Andrés Iniesta: ‘This has only just started, we have to keep our confidence up’
I agree with you Iniesta, but I also think we should find your replacement fast. You have been great. It’s just sadly time you go. Let’s say goodbye when the ovation is loudest.
Some Facebook guy: ‘Ronaldo, words fail in your case’
I agree, but I do agree more on the red card that didn’t fail to fall him. He misses four matches. That’s enough time to rest, our dear rest-seeking-best-player-of-the-year. Since he so much loves to rest these days, he shouldn’t pick box 18 to drop down and nap. Rather he should ask for it officially. Well, happy resting.
But there, no denying that the Madrid team is enviable.
Yeah, you have got to give it to the Madrid side. They haven’t been this much of a competition for a long time. Barcelona has always had the most romantic dominance on them, in recent past era.
Barca’s goalie, Ter Stegen, was pure shit. Don’t argue, accept or ask for my reasons. He never stays in his post. Thunder stroke twice, as Ronaldo and Asensio, took long range shots at the goal post, in the Spanish Supa Cup, first leg. Shots from the same spot beat Stegen twice. He was terrible. He never stays to cover his post, always away from his line.
Kroos, Casimiro, Ramos, and Isco were the fantastic four. Barca had fantastic three and that’s the beginning of the problem.
Messi, Umtiti, and Suarez were the only guys on the pitch doing business for Barca. That Alexis Vidal should be playing for Barca B. He isn’t a class of Barcelona.

Ronaldo has now scored 11 Goals at Nou Camp, and 5 Goals at Beunabae. But Messi has 10 goals at Nou Camp, and 14 at Bernabéu. Based on the statistics, Messi is the king of the El Clasico, but it was Real Madrid that went home with a win yesterday.

Dennis Suarez is a bench player. He shouldn’t have to play more than 15mins for Barcelona. At best he should be part of our Copa Del Rey team. The lad is yet developed. Still, plays like an Arsenal player (Sorry Wenger).
What’s wrong with the Barca Coach, Ernesto Valverde? Have we gotten, so much reliable, first team players? That we can now afford to have Sergi Roberto come from the bench!
Its done and dusted by Real Madrid. They have the first laugh. But we know not to write off Barcelona until the game is over. As far as the world should see it, there are a whole 90 mins left to be played. If Real Madrid could go to Nou Camp and draw blood. Certainly, there’s a team from Nou Camp that can also inflict a bleeding injury at The Santiago Bernabéu.
Don’t forget, that most times, Barca likes to do it the hard way.
They love the thrills and drama of a comeback. Messi and his boys like a good old story of comebacks.
What should Barcelona fix before the next leg? I would have asked for Tiki Taka. But let’s face it. As we truly know.
Tiki Taka can’t be perfected over night.
At this short notice, we need to fix the defense. The right back, throw Vidal back to the bench and may he rot there. Put Nelson Semedo there permanently.
We also need to fix the gap Neymar has left behind. Gerard Deulofeu hasn’t quite gotten the gusto for that wing. So get Eden Hazard or Mbappe inked and sealed. Otherwise, let Jordi Alba play that wing and have Lucas Digne cover him at the back. So let’s have an Alba, Messi and Suarez attack. Stuff the midfield with Sergi Roberto, Ivan Rakitic, Andres Iniesta, Sergio Busquets. Then, a Lucas Digne, Pique, Umtiti and Nelson Semedo defense line.

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