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Betting 101: How To Use The Cash Out Feature

Soccer betting is a culture now; innovation has also become a necessity. Punters are looking for ways to save their bets. The sports bets company are looking for ways to encourage bettors. And one of such ways to beat this is to invoke your ‘Cash Out’ lifeline. Jersey Number Twelve wants you to understand this feature, as you bet along.

When you are nervous about the final game in your multiple or combination bet slip. Or worried that the last team (or teams), won’t hang onto their lead with 10 minutes (more or less) to go. Sport bet companies like Bet9ja has the solution to all those fears with their innovative cash out system, and that gives you the control of your bet.

So what is this Cash Out innovation about?

Cash Out is a revolutionary real-time feature that allows you control over your bet. Use it to guarantee yourself a profit, or cut your losses.

What ways can I Cash Out?

Live Cash Out
You can Cash Out on your bet live during the game. This feature allows in-play Cash Outs on pre-game bets. Imagine that 14 legs of your 15-team multiple have come through, but the final team is losing at half-time. You can Cash Out live and make sure you end up with a profit.

Pre-game Cash Out
Cash Out gives you the ability to collect your winnings before all the games in your multiple bets have been settled. Your multiple bets look set to come through with one game to go, and then you hear one of the star players is injured in the team you picked to win. Not to worry, just use Cash Out feature before the game and relax with your win.



How can you Cash Out?

In-store Cash Out
You simply hand in the ticket you want to Cash Out to the cashier, and the cashier will pay you the money that you are owed. This can be done Live or Pre-game.

Online Cash Out
Using Bet9ja, for instance, simply log in to your account and select “My Bets”. Those with the Cash Out icon can be cashed out immediately.

You must also understand that bets placed with Bonus Funds cannot be cashed out.

How much will you win?

Your Cash Out amount depends on the likely outcome of your bet. The more likely it is to come through, the greater the amount you can Cash Out.

Cash Out Terms and Conditions

Cash Out is available on a wide variety of markets. However, Bet9ja, for instance, has the right to remove some games or competitions or sports from the Cash Out offer at any time without prior notice.

A time delay in accepting a Cash Out request is in place. If price changes or a market suspends then the Cash Out of the original amount request may not be successful.

If the Cash Out request is successful, this will be displayed and the bet will be settled immediately. The actual final result of the related market will have no impact on the Cash Out amount.

The Cash Out amount offered at any time is the total amount that will be returned to your account if successful.

Where we have reason to believe that a Cash Out is carried out after the outcome of an event is known, we reserve the right to void the original bet that was Cashed Out.

Any bets that are settled in full or part using Cash Out will not count towards the turnover requirement of any offer.

Bets placed with Bonus Funds cannot be cashed out.

Bet9ja do not guarantee that the Cash Out feature will be available on your bet selection.

Bet9ja also doesn’t claim responsibility if the Cash Out feature is not available for technical reasons and bets will stand as originally placed during any such period.

Bet9ja, like some other betting platforms, reserves the right to accept or decline any bet/wager requested for any sport, competition, market or bet type that is included in the Cash Out feature. They also reserve the right to amend, suspend or remove the Cash Out feature at any time for any event, fixture or market. Any bets placed on such events, fixtures or markets will stand as originally placed. Bet9ja also reserves the right to reverse the settlement of a Cash Out if the bet or a market is settled in error.

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