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Open Letter: Barcelona fan reacts to Rakitic proposed swap for Coutinho

Dear Barcelona FC,

I heard there a plan on the offing to swap Ivan Rakitic plus cash for Liverpool’s Phillippe Coutinho.
Ivan Rakitic for Coutinho? But why?

Really, if this happens, I will hurt somebody. I will, may be hurt my self too. Cos, let’s face it. Rakitic is damn good. Damn effective…

Rakitic is the kind of player we should be looking for not the kind of player we should be offloading. If Barca had no Rakitic and somehow the Croatian was playing for Liverpool along Coutinho.

As a Barca fan, I’d covet him, equally the same way I’d covet the Brazillian. So this better be one of those error rumors! Rakitic??? What is the world turning to? If you allow that white Nigga go for one lame excuse, there will be a 6th world war.

I know, I know we have only had two world wars, I am including the 3rd, 4th and 5th to this one. If Coutinho wont come and help his career, let him be. Period, but selling assets won’t sell. This rumor is a deal from hell!

Rakitic had a fine form last season.


I know, I said something about letting Neymar go for 222M but thats only because we can get Verratti, Coutinho and Dybala for that amount. And I also said Messi is the only player that can cause be a nervous break down should he be sold.

Well you can please add Rakitic to that list. Add Busquets too, Okay add that little kid too, Sergi Roberto… I will just make the list in the next post. But I hope we are clear on this one. Rakitic stays.

By Ediale Kingsley

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  1. Im very pleased with your work.

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