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Where Lukaku is better than Kane


By Ediale Kingsley

So a lot of football lovers don’t like Romelu Lukaku. Most Man United fans pray Chelsea gets him first. And most Chelsea fans pray Man United gets him.

But is the Belgian really that bad? On the contrary, he is quite the deal. Someone asked me, if I would appreciate him playing for Barcelona. As a Barca fan, I’d be delighted to have his dark strong ass on my team.

Yes, to think of it, The 24 year old is the reigning EPL golden boot winner with 71 goals in the last five seasons (133 games)

Yes, Lukaku has in deed scored more Premier League goals than Kane over the last 5 years, despite having played for three different clubs.

All the things you hate Lukaku for has solutions.

If he plays for Barca, he won’t be the only one legged player. Messi has been an effective one legged player all his career. To the point he has even had to score with the other bad foot. Players develop, and Lukaku would do just that as he exploits his potentials.

Everybody wants Morata, I don’t think Lukaku is bad, even for £90m.

Common, Pogba was worth £150m. For what exactly? What purpose? If you buy a Lukaku, you are sure of at least a dozen of goals.

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