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5 Bet9ja codes: Win big as Chile takes on Germany

By Ediale Kingsley

Will Germany defeat Chile? The playoffs and final of the Confederation Cup holds today. And the question above is a million dollar one.

However, while the world thinks Germany will win, because of it’s machinelike performances that has wowed the viewers since the start of the tournament. National Daily sport’s editor thinks otherwise, not because the Germans can’t pull stunt, but basically because the old men Chileans won’t allow the small boys from Germany to defeat them.

Chile was National Daily’s favorite from the blast of the opening whistle and Germany was second. The only thing that changed in our top four. Is Mexico taking Cameroon’s place as Portugal was also part of the list.

The codes below are tight. Not the regular 75-99 % assurances that our genius oracle is praised for. This is due to the less competitive games available at the moment (its a break period for most leagues).

However, you can go ahead and give it a try. With N100 each, that’s N500. Not a bad sum to risk on money growth venture:


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Ediale Kingsley is the Founding Editor of Jersey Number Twelve and Head of the Trends & Sports desk at National Daily Newspaper. He thinks he is polygamous, married to three wives; Football, Laptop and Internet. When not writing, he is writing or prepping to write. These days he is everywhere talking, filming and showing-up football and films. This National Daily trained journalist went to school to be a graduate in accounting.

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