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Lukaku Vs. Morata: 7 Points Analysis To Discover The Better Striker

Two players are about to play key roles for two clubs that will be among the serious contenders for the EPL glory 2017/18 season. Manchester United wants Alvaro Morata. Chelsea are gunning for Romelu Lukaku. The question is which is a better buy. Ediale Kingsley answers with 7 judicious points.

1. Alvaro Morata would cost  Manchester United £60-65m. Romelu Lukaku would cost Chelsea £75-85m. Lukaku is more expensive.

2. In the last three seasons, Romelu Lukaku has passed the 20 goals mark. Morata has never passed 16 goals. Lukaku is a better tested attacker per goals.

3. Since 2014, Morata has provided 24 assists and Lukaku has 21. Despite playing fewer mins than Lukaku, Morata proves to be a better and well calculated passer.

4. Dribbles per game, Lukaku averages 1.76 dribbles ( successful take on 64), while Morata is at 1.48 (STO 22). Lukaku is better at taking on defenders one-on-one.

5. Defensive Action Per Game is 0.4 for Morata and Lukaku is averaging 0.3.  Thus, Morata, like Diego Costa, has better defensive work.

6. Lukaku played 36 games last season (3,280mins). Morata played 26games (1,341 mins). Total shots at target is 110 for Lukaku, Morata 54 shots at target.

7. In conclusion, Lukaku is great at scoring goals, and creating chances. While Morata’s defensive work and linkups play is better than Lukaku.

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