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Undoing The Market Damage Done To Ahmed Musa

Ahmed Musa’s EPL season hasn’t gone quite lit as we all thought it would be. Sure, it’s technically not Musa’s balling abilities that are wrong here. Clearly, it is how the coaching crew expects him to play. Truth is Musa should have never been bought for striker’s duties. Just allow the guy drive in from the wing. But it doesn’t just end there. Have more than one player up front for Musa to connect. Don’t expect Musa to drive all the way in and also do the scoring. No. He’s not that kinda player. If he is able to pull it once, cool but he won’t do it well all the time.

Goals: 2
Assists: 0
EPL Appearances:21
UCL features: 5

This above isn’t the basic problem. If his performances were as impactful as Wilfred Ndidi’s, nobody would bother about the goals. Unless if he was bought for goals, which is quite a bad decision. If they wanted goals from a Nigerian player, they should have gone to get Victor Osimehn.
Now, Musa has the daunting task of re-marketing himself. What I believe he should do is stay at Leicester City for one more season. The new Leicester will lose some players to age, injury, and other clubs. A reformation would be inevitable, perhaps, even a new coach. Surely or hopefully, the next guy in charge should understand how best to use him.

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