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12 Talking Points, Barca Defeats Valencia, Manchester United Leaves Position 6

1. Neymar is getting better by the day.
2. Juan Carlos Unzué may as well be the next Barca Manager. His oversabi is on a loud speaker mode.
3. Luis Enrique is such a generous man. Can managers like Mourinho allow their assistant exhibit such showmanship at the touchline?
4. Neymar didn’t score a goal in this match. He had chances to but didn’t take them.
5. Luis Suarez simply mixed magic with drag. He could have had a couple of goals too.
6. This is the most technical notice; that Iniesta is recovering form.
7. Munir is still a Barca property. He had a goal for Valencia today. But his future is still very fuzzy. If he comes to Barca after the loan, I fear he will still always start from the bench. He needs another loan to another league. He’s gotta find a good team too. I still believe in him.
8. This 3-4-3 keeps Alba resting. Good or bad?
9. Andre Gomez scores! I kinda still believe in him. He may not be of the super Barca quality just yet. He will soon. #belief
10. Rakitic must play 90 mins, only when he’s not in form. That’s what I have learnt this season.
11. We need a player that can do what Neymar does in the Wide left. We need Moses. Or somebody better. Or we force Messi to play from there. Really we need a magician there too. Clearly, Rafinha hates to play in the wide.
12. Congratulations to Manchester United, finally they made it out of the 6th position. 105 days later! Will Arsene Wenger’s team stay at 6th for 105 days?

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