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The Most Balanced UCL Quarter Final Draws Ever For The Past 10 Seasons

The UCL draw is out, If you ask me it’s the most balanced draw I have seen in the last decade:


      1. Three of the four UCL QF draws have met in Europe before:

  • 2015: Barcelona 3-1 Juventus
  • 2014: Real 4-0 Bayern
  • 1997: Atletico 2-0 Leicester    

      2.  9 – Juventus have faced 9 times Barcelona in European cups so far: 4 wins, 2 draws, 3 defeats.


    3. This round shall feature the master and his apprentice. 


 4. While everybody wanted Leicester City, I bet Atletico wont find it easy though. I am tipping Leicester to reach the Semis.


 5.  So who will qualify? My take:

  • Leicester
  • Monaco
  • Bayern
  • Barcelona

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