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10 Big Players That Won’t Be In Their Current Club Next Season: Aguero, Sturridge, Harzard, Aubameyang, Iniesta, Rooney, Others

Ediale Kingsley takes another prognostic peep into the future of some of the best footies in the world. Actually, these big names are unimaginably leaving the club next season and their fans have no clue.

1. Andres Iniesta

He has won everything to be won in terms of trophies any footballer should win: World Cup and all from the center circle. Spain’s legend, Barcelona’s god. If I see clearly, it’s time he goes to another club. I see him playing in the French league next season.

Why is he leaving?

He’s been there and done all. Now he is a little less agile as he was. And he plays for a club that needs such notches to stay top.


2. Kun Aguero

His got the brains for goals and his goals have won titles for his Manchester City side. Yet it is time he leaves City. The Argentine who is being idolized by the side that really doesn’t have too many veterans or legends as far as historic football is concern, will be leaving to either La Liga or Italia Seria A.

Why is he leaving?

Let’s just say he has passed the age of molding and Pep, his present manager, wants some one flexible to his antics and tactics.


3. Thomas Muller

He has seen, lifted and kissed all the trophies winnable as a German player. Muller isn’t done yet. But he must do things differently and we at Jersey Number Twelve see him doing things next season in Chelsea.

Why is he leaving?

Goals aren’t coming like before and some new lads like Thiago Alcantara are due for complete position takeover.


4. Wayne Rooney

All time highest goal scorer for the red devil. The English player is so good that he is unputdownable even at his poor form. He’s been off and on the pitch this. Most times he had come off the bench to pull a miracle. He’s leaving next season to another club in England or Italy. Yet he may be tempted by the Chinese league.

Why is he leaving?

He’s finding it tough to do his thing continually.  That’s maintaining his standard performance level. Call it age.



5. Aubameyang Pierre-emerick

Destined for Spain: FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Sevilla and Atletico Madrid. Any of these top Spain clubs are ready to snatch the Dortmund player from the Budesliga. If Arsenal is handled by another manager next season, the outfit could also be in a good shape to keep the Gabonese player.

Why his he leaving?

Too good to for Dortmund and oxymoronically too bad for the German side. Post the African Nation Cup he’s been quite some shadow flashes of his killer self. But the champion clubs in Spain understand such drop of form is temporary.


6. Daniel Sturridge

This dancing footie is…well dancing his way outta Liverpool. I say he is heading to Germany, what you say? Italy? Spain? Naaaah. If he doesn’t go to Germany, he will stay put in England. Man city for sure. Sturridge is a skillful player good enough to play the romantic football demanded by Pep.

Why is he leaving?

Too skillful or danceful for Klopp.


7. Alexis Sanchez

This horse over works for the Arsenal club. So much so, there was a rally in Chile, his own town, for him to leave Arsenal and find a club where he’d find players that work as hard as he does. He is destined for PSG, Bayern Munich or Manchester.

Why is he leaving?

Ask Wenger.

8. Eden Hazard

Real Madrid need to beef up their star status. Eden appears to be a player that can step up his game. Yet only time will tell if he is of that class. For profit sake Chelsea may as well cash in on their talisman.

Why is he leaving?

That’s the only place he can make FIFA top 11.


9. Yannick Carrasco

Fine player, like all his predecessors, he’s going to leave for profit. I am guessing Barcelona. Guessing only because it will be difficult to have such a player who plays the Neymah’s wing go to Barca. Knowing he will be under the shadows of Neymah. But I know he is leaving Atletico Madrid.

Why is he leaving?

Ask google. Really, just read about how Atletico Madrid has been an academy for top clubs in Europe. Go web surfing.

10. Leo Messi/Cristiano Ronaldo

Wow. The big one. This is too hot to predict. Yet I know, one of them is leaving for another club next season. That’s all I see now.

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