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My 10 Cents About The Video Assistant Referee

By Ediale Kingsley

You must have heard that the dudes in charge of dictating the pace and trends of football are contemplating the introduction of the VAR. Yep, Video Assistant Ref. Job’s pretty simple: like the already accustomed Goal Line Technology, the VAR will come handy in helping the center ref make the right decisions. It just so happened that some people are mad at Alexis Sanchez for his hand-goal against Hull City. Well, others are yet vexed with Diego Maradona’s hand-of-god stunt. So they want to stop such anomaly by creating what many have already termed ANOMALY.

Already tested as an experiment with the last World Club Cup Final. What did the players think about the new toy? 

Lucas Modric wants it stopped already. He wouldn’t hide his disgust for the invention. The fact that the Ref would pause the match to go see replay was a too much bitter pill to force down the throat of the creative midfielder.

And that has marked the numerous complaints against the VAR introduction.

But here are my ten cents:

  1. Have we enjoyed the Goal Line Technology? Thus far? Yes! So bring the VAR on!
  2. Bothered about it affecting the pace of the game? Well how many times have we had to use the Goal Line technology on a single match? You see? It’s not as terrible as your brain paints it.
  3. Once the VAR is launched: There’ll be one thing done by Maradona that Messi will never do – having the hand of a god. Little things like this will be tendered on the debate floor to argue WHO’S BETTER! And should Messi beat the Ref and the VAR…we’d give up and crown him GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).
  4. Well you wonder if this won’t take away the fun of aftermatch debates and analysis. Think again and you will prefer to talk about the winning talents and tactics than about a cheat and how he went away unpunished.
  5. Africans should vote for this. VAR will come and sooner, an African Nation will win the World Cup. See how I managed to coin that line without saying the “racist-officiating is a contributing factor to Africans poor performances at the World Cup outings”.
  6. Luca Modric has never been a victim of circumstance resulting from bad or missed officiating.
  7. If you think the Pause and Play nature of the process will slow the game boringly. Then think and create a cool eyeglass tool that will keep the vanishing spray-can at the ref’s waist a company.
  8. Why are we even arguing this. What are the core values behind all the sports we create? Fairness, courage, justice, positive competition, recognising and awarding the best… E.t.c! So shouldn’t we welcome everything that will uphold these charactera?
  9. In a matter of time, we shall experience the ARM; Automated Referee Machines.
  10. Digital ti take over!

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