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Liverpool Eye Worst Losing Run Since 1953: To Sell Coutinho Or Not?

Liverpool are on a four game losing streak for the first time since the 1986-87 season from 22nd March – 11th April 1987 when Kenny Dalglish was in charge and the Reds finished 2nd. God forbid Liverpool lose their fifth game in a row vs United, which hasn’t happened since 1953. Here are Liverpool’s worst losing streaks.

Games Period Final position
9 Apr 29 1899 – Oct 14 1899 10 (div 1)
6 Dec 27 1902 – Feb 7 1903 5 (div 1)
6 Mar 13 1909 – Apr 10 1909 16 (div 1)
6 Sep 14 1912 – Oct 14 1912 12 (div 1)
6 Jan 17 1948 – Feb 28 1948 11 (div 1)
5 Sep 5 1903 – Oct 1 1903 17 (div 1 – relegated)
5 Sep 15 1906 – Oct 13 1906 15 (div 1)
5 Apr 11 1914 – Apr 25 1914 16 (div 1)
5 Dec 8 1923 – Dec 26 1923 12 (div 1)
5 Sep 18 1926 – Oct 16 1926 9 (div 1)
5 Aug 29 1953 – Sep 12 1953 22 (div 1 – relegated)

Click on the dates to see the relevant games (Statistics from LFChistory.net’s database)!

So why is Liverpool FC suddenly having issues:
Sadio Mane, the surprise talisman, is a major cause to this poor form of the reds. However it’s not just that, Philippe Coutinho is also just recovering from his injury. Considering the Brazilian’s ‘passing impact’ and strong plays, something Adam Lallana isn’t doing too badly, we may not have seen the worst just yet. Unless Coutinho, who is currently being distracted by Barcelona’s call, get’s fully fit and Senegal leaves the AFCON on time. Otherwise, Lallana may just get overworked.



Will The Sale Of Coutinho Wreck Liverpool’s Boat?

The Liverpool board is currently between the deep blue sea and the pressure from FC Barcelona. The Spanish champions are desperate for Phillipe Coutinho and a lot is presently in the offing to get the attacking midfielder. One asset the Liverpool traded with the Spanish team that they are yet to get over is Luiz Suarez. Now should they be tempted to believe that Sadio Mane can hold the grounds for them and cash in on their play maker? That’s the question to tackle.

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