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United Lucky To Pick A Point As City Play Silly

By Ediale Kingsley




Manchester’s United hope to make it 10 wins on the bounce against Liverpool was sabotaged by the very individual that ensured they left with at least a point. What’s the ‘mata’ with Jose Mourinho? He ought to have started that kind of match with Juan Mata. How do you go to such a party without your best dancer? Especially when your opponent can dance, all Liverpool players can do the Moonwalk and Galala (common! I’m talking figuratively). Then why was Jones playing like he is new to these kind of games. Pogba on the hand doesn’t know when the right time to be a clown or an assassin. The red’s needed him to be a sniper today, but alas, he was a giddily comic (and what’s with the hair-dos?).  Now, for all those that want the head of Fellaine can just have the Afro. They should forget about him leaving. At least for this season, he was the saviour today. It was his involvement in that box 18 that allowed the ball get to Ibrahimovic. And that’s how they equalized the Liverpool goal that came from a first half effort, off James Milner’s penalty. The question was whether Liverpool would cope without Sadio Mane, but the emphatic answer is that they did manage to pull stunts. Yet the reality is that Jurgen Klopp’s side have now failed to win four different matches in three different competitions in the space of ten days. However, today’s effort was far better than the last three games they didn’t win. Just watching the attacking players flow and trouble the Manchester defence was ecstasy. You have to admire it. Firmino’s touch, Coutinho jinking around (even though he came off the bench), Emre taking on players, Lallana doing Cruyff turns. It’s good was watch. Lallana has been Liverpool’s best player this season, his stamina on the right of a midfield three giving Clyne licence to venture forward far more than last season, but it is his attacking statistics that have been most impressive. Without him, Liverpool’s midfield looked woefully one-dimensional. Now I know why Barcelona wants him badly, at least if they can’t have Continho, they dig they should have Lallana.

City’s Achy Attack: No punch, no party

For that Manchester City game against Everton, I saw a clueless and tired Pep Guardiola. If he must survive the heat in English football, he must up his damn game. Why do managers do silly things? I get that you are reinventing Zabaleta, to play midfield. I get that you want Yaya being the false center defender. Yet, I don’t get why you bench Iheanachor who has scored several goals compared to the fewer playing time he gets. You had a team who got to the front and couldn’t produce a goal. Sterling got to the front and wanted the sound of the whistle more than he wanted to plant the ball in the net. Silva got the front of the post and desired ‘turning’ more than ‘firing’. Do we blame them? No, Andre Iniesta is rated high in Barcelona, for ‘turning things’. That’s their first call, Turn and Dribble and Curve the passing. That why we have a Suarez, a Messi. In your case, at least until you buy a striker, you have Iheanachor. Just use him. Don’t keep sending him to play when the damage is already done. Don’t keep sending him in, when everyone is pressured.

Everton was splendid. They came to party in their best gowns. And boy, were they pretty in them. Tom Davies was as romantic as he could be. Fine goal he scored after disgracing three Manchester City players.

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