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Victor Moses, Marcus Alonso’s Future In Chelsea’s 3-4-3 Formation In Doubt

By Orobosa Abel




The coming of Antonio Conte to Chelsea has opened the footballing world to a rock solid attack and defense formation that is currently hitting the premier league. This formation is fast winning over coaches from the predominant 4-4-2 that we were accustomed. Conte has successfully used this formation to rise to the top of the premiership table in England, having also fallen a victim of the formation, when he came against a formidable Tottenham side whose 3-4-3 was by far the better of the two teams. Conte has since discovered the weakness in his team.
However, while we have seen the rise of Victor Moses in the Chelsea shirt he should know that unless he improves his crossing abilities he would soon be frozen out of the team, the same goes for Marcus Alonso. For a 3-4-3 to be effective and efficient the running wing-men must be fit, read the game so as to know when to be offensive and when to stay defensive. Firstly it must be noted that this formation is a defensive formation as we have five defenders on the defence, not counting the defensive midfielder(s) who makes the sixth or seventh man when the team is defending. So the wing-men must first know that they are defenders. That’s where Tottenham proved better. The wing-men for Tottenham were Danny Rose and Kyle Walker… And they were better crossers of the ball than Moses and Alonso. Conte has since realized this weakness and has called back Nathan Benjamin Ake from his Bournemouth loan to compete with Alonso, and the dutch is going to replace Alonso soon enough. Moses on the other hand must up his game or would be dumped for a better crosser.

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  1. Nice piece. Moses needs to learn from players like Messi and Ronaldo who give to extra training so they can be the best. Victor Moses just needs to spend extra time on crossing practices. Ake is rock solid, I should think he comes to Chelsea to replace the center backs, not Marcus though!

  2. Agreed that moses and alonso have to improve their crossing skill, and they also have to work harder defensively. Moses though is playing probably the best football of his life and would not want to give that up easily, but I still think he needs that push of competition to make him improve his game, because without competition he will have nothing to force him to play better, I don’t see him loosing his place though unless injury strikes and the person who takes his place proves to be better

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