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The Second Coming Of Javier Hernandez


There maybe two sides to a coin, but for Manchester United’s former goal hunter, 59 goals in 157 appearances, the only side to staying in the Bundesliga or returning to English Premier League (to the call of Liverpool and Chelsea) is clear. The Mexico international has spoken out about the stories tipping him to head back to England.

So far this season he has found the net five times in 15 games, and though the lure of the Premier League is a powerful one, it seems he is ready to disappoint any interested parties.

He’s yet to reach the heights of last season’s haul, but he has insisted that he is happy to remain in the Bundesliga for the time being. The 28 years old striker says, “Why would I like to stay in the Bundesliga? Because I feel good and I’m happy. I’ve learned a lot in the Bundesliga, as a player and as a man. I like playing in the Champions League, and luckily Bayer have been involved in the last few years. We hope we can achieve that goal again in the second half of the season. “He told bundesliga.com (via the Daily Mirror).




Wenger Worries Not About Sanchez Worries


We know how stubborn he is. He’s shown it to the Arsenal fans on matters bothering signings and match tactics. However, Arsene Wenger seem to find a point in not being concerned about the signs of frustrations exhibited by his talisman, Alex Sanchez, after their 3-3 draw at Bournemouth. “We want to win the games, if you don’t you’re not happy. That is normal, you know without passion you do not come back when you are at 70 minutes and 3-0 down” expressed the Arsenal boss. Isn’t he just right this time?



Ballon R’do: Guess Who Ronaldo Voted for FIFA Best Player

Cristiano Ronaldo won the Ballon d’Or and recently took the Best player award hosted by FIFA. However we are interested to know who the Portuguese striker voted for.  According to Associated Press journalist Rob Harris, it turns out Ronaldo gave his vote to three of his Real Madrid teammates.

First he voted for Gareth Bale, then midfielder Luka Modric, followed finally, by defender Sergio Ramos.

The question is did he voted for Bale because he actually believed he is good or just to divert the press from the rift between self and his team mate?




Ronaldo Throws A Shade At Messi For Absenteeism


Cristiano Ronaldo winning the FIFA Best Men’s Player award capped off what has already been a trophy-laden month or so for the Portuguese, on a personal level at least. Here’s what Ronaldo told the Daily Mail, “I’m just very happy. I’m sorry some people from Barcelona aren’t here, but that’s understandable”.

Team Barcelona who has a tough game in hand on Wednesday decided to boycott the award show in line with the situation at hand. They have started poorly after the holiday season, losing to Atletico Bilbao and having a draw with Villarreal. The club had chosen to spend more time on trainings.




Dani Alves Unhappy With Barca Boycotting Fifa Award Show


Now at Juventus, the 33-year-old, was in attendance and was left as the only man with a connection to the Catalan club on the stage. And it seems that he felt his former pals let him down.

“They should have come. That’s my opinion,” Dani Alves  said as per Marca.

“They’re more than prepared for Wednesday’s game. You have to respect their decision but they should have been here. I saw a lot of white and I felt bad.”

Former Barca legend Carles  Puyol was also in attendance, but now that he’s retired he wasn’t up for an award.  Barca drew 1-1 with Villarreal over the weekend and now find themselves five points behind leaders Real Madrid.


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