By Ediale Kingsley

They call me ‘the Oracle’. That’s because I have won more than I have lost in football betting. I didn’t start betting because I wanted fast money or believed in the principles of the habit. I started betting because I have invested a lot into football viewing, so much so, I can read and analyse games. If I can’t play and earn like Messi and Pogba (see how I skipped Ronaldo), I might as well be a professional and help people earn for a ‘good cause’. Here are my few cents on the games going down today. Feel free to use the codes in the bracket (for Bet9ja; 3CCCY25, 3CCCYYX, 3CCCZW8, 3CCD5S8, 3CCDB7X). Now these are the guiding factors to the codes derivations:

Manchester United vs. Hull City

This is the must win match for Manchester United. Being just 3 points away from being top 4 would be a good motivation factor for the Red Devils. However, this isn’t the EPL where Hull City is still at rock bottom. If there will ever be any form of upset in the match it will happen in the first 10 minutes, or first 15 minutes, or first half, that’s the only good Hull City can have. Jose Mourinho would rather die in Old Trafford than to leave this ground without without a win. Knowing the next match after this is a difficult game (against the all-hefty Liverpool!).

SSC Napoli vs. Spezia

Napoli against Spezia looks like an unfit matching (Spezia isn’t even strong enough to be in the Serie A) but this isn’t the league game. It’s Coppa Italia. Yet on the form of Napoli, we expect it to be easy for them. What are the possible upsets; a draw at the end of the game or an early goal from the away team. Other than that Napoli should get this in the bag.

Atletico Madrid vs. Las Palmas

This is Copa del rey, Atletico Madrid are making statements about this copa. They are not taking it easy on the opponents that come their way. Usually they don’t score many goals, yet in this Coppa they have been raining goals. There’s no way for a full time draw in this game. If Atletico can’t win both halves, which is very likely they do, they’ll win at the end of the game.

Sochaux vs. Monaco

Sochaux may not be in Ligue 1, they are in Ligue 2, and aren’t doing badly in that tournament. Monaco isn’t also doing badly in Ligue 1. Full time draw is a possibility. Yet Monaco can take the first half of this game. We also know that Monaco will score in this match. Falcao got some recognition at the just concluded FIFA BEST AWARDS. He will still be high on that kind of drug.

Vitoria de Guimaraes vs. Benfica

This is a fight between the two top teams in group D of the Portugal League cup. Benfica, clearly the favourite is on top with 6 points. While it will want to ensure VDG doesn’t overtake (from 4 points to 7), the home team would also have a reason to believe they can. These are all possibilities: Benfica can win both halves, an upset of full-time draw, and goals goals, goals!!!


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