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No, not about Ronaldo, The Best Fifa Football Award is about an Italian

By Ediale Kingsley

That sect of Leicester fans on a mission to cut off Claudio Ranieri’s head for having the football club stay 15th place on the EPL table, were stylishly grinning as their manager got anointed world coach of the year. On this same night, Cristiano Ronaldo brought his entire family to pick up the best player title.

The roller coaster magic for Leicester continues. As the fans would now see that the Italian who splendidly won the Premier League last season on  5000-1 odds isn’t done yet. His triumph on the FIFA award show had the feel of a specialty, for who would have imagined the name of any affiliations to Leicester City mentioned among the premium stars of world class football. 

Leicester have won only five of their 20 league fixtures since storming the palace. But their championship win was the only true miracle on a short-list that also included Fernando Santo’s Euro 2016 victory with Portugal and Zinedine Zidane winning the Champions League with Real Madrid. Not long after Leicester had drawn Derby County in the fourth-round of the FA Cup, Ranieri left this industrial venue on the outskirts of snowy Zurich as the king of his profession, but facing a potential relegation struggle back in England.

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