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Match Analysis: Jurgen Klopp, his gang came to party

The Merseyside derby produced just a goal in the 94th minute. Yes, it was Sadio Mane that made the difference.

Thanks to a quality effort from Daniel Sturridge. You’ve got to love him: at just £36m he’s had 16 starts, 8 goals and 4 assists. The buy of the season (closely followed by Chelsea’s Ngolo Kante).

Stand up for the German tactician. I’ve got nothing but praise for Jurgen Klopp: He is the first Liverpool manager to have won his first two Merseyside derbies.

Who was my most valuable player?

It’s Ragna Klavan. The defensive deputy. He won all tackles he went for (100%, damn!), had 7 brilliant clearances, 3 cool interceptions and I loved his passing accuracies (Barca take note).

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