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#KingOfStylishAssists: UCL Day 1 Update

You just have to love Mesut Ozil and his theatrics. In the galaxies of gods, of soccer creatures and selected team of universe, you’ve got to enlist this dude. He may not be consistently stylish but when he dances the heart smiles in french. Iwobe has his first Champion’s league goal, thanks to this dancer in magic.

Talking about Nigerians and UCL goals, Iheanachor had a stunner for a goal. The exact kind of goals his senior likes to score (I am sure we all know his senior).

Barcelona did what they are known to do best when they have a terrible hangover. 4:0 it ended, yet Suarez and Neymar didn’t play. Most of the first eleven didn’t. Iniesta is a wine. Keeps getting superbly amazing even as he ages.

Barca have got to break the bank for Continho next season. Messi was Messi. Busquet was Busquet of Pep’s time.

And perhaps hence they had nothing to pressure them, tikitaka was visible.

Bayern had to rely on the golden foot of Lewandosky to pick up a well-earned three points. Believe me, it was not an easy match. Simone’s men packed the bus, they used per player fences and also went for the heels that came their way. In all these, Robben was brilliant. Really don’t know why Anceloti had to sub him. Maybe that’s why he’s the coach and not me. Yet I think it was lame. All the subs he made were as lame as phurck. On their way home after match, rumors have it that they were singing “it wasn’t easy, but it was worth it”!

Then like I said before the matches kicked off. This PSG is a shadow of the former o. You know about that four o’clock shadow that comes in fours, yeah that one. Anybody beats them these days o. The Ludo guys almost ran over them. 2:2 this one ended.

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