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Chelsea vs Tottenham

Only Manchester City can win this Chelsea team. Only because they have the answer to the dreaded Conte’s formation.

Dele Ali is probably a hype. He’s over rated and that’s my solid opinion. He had an off day. Pochettino is fast losing it. He bought player’s that aren’t quite a match for his style of play at the opening. Now they are all struggling. Dembele is tired. He’s playing tough but his tough is chaotic and not organized.

Pedro isn’t finished! David Luis, a player I have always loved. Although, he’s another player that’s slightly over rated. He gets the job done any way. Of lucks, of team cover.

If I were a coach against Chelsea what will I do:
Nothing. Yes, nothing. Unless I have at least three outstanding players, not average lads, great talents. One great left winger, one great right winger and a deadly striker. That’s the formula that will break Chelsea. Keep Moses busy, give the core defenders a business to mind and ensure Alonso is busier trying to stop a player at the flank rather than he’s busy looking for run passes to Hazard.

Great tired players the Spurs have so they used their strengths at the first half. Second half they showed tiredness.

Loving Chelsea. Liverpool has a problem. They can only pray it delays before showing. Those pressure plays they’ve been playing are gradually vanishing. Why? That style is for men. Boys soon also get tired (Kai! I don throw stone here o, Liverpool fans won’t like this bitter truth).


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